Laws & Regulations
Directions for Implementing Pertinent Withdrawal Policies in Notice on Adjustment to HPF Home Loan Policies of the Municipality

SPF No. 157 (2016)


To All District Management Divisions, Internet Development Department, CCB Shanghai Branch's Housing Fund Department:

To implement the rules specified in Notice on Adjustment to HPF Home Loan Policies of the Municipality (SPFM No. 18-2016), particularly the ban on provident fund withdrawals by those borrowers with outstanding provident fund loans for any reasons or purposes other than loan repayment, we have made adjustments to the Municipality’s pertinent housing provident fund withdrawal rules as follows:

Those borrowers with outstanding provident fund loans, comprised of the principal borrowers and the co-borrowers, shall be prohibited and prevented from provident fund withdrawals for any of the following reasons other than loan repayment: (1) retirement or honourary retirement; (2) death or declared death; (3) going overseas to reside abroad; (4) major or total loss of ability to work.

The remaining types of withdrawals shall be processed in accordance with the existing rules.

All management divisions, CCB’s sub-branch service outlets, the housing provident fund website, and the hotline 12329 personnel must elucidate these specific rules, and report any problems or complaints to SPFMC’s Fund Gathering Management Department in a timely manner as necessary.

These directions shall come into effect as of the issuing date.


Shanghai Provident Fund Management Center
8 December 2016