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12329 SPF SMS Subscription Service Accessible to Paying Employees with Nonlocal Mobile Phone Numbers

The 12329 SPF SMS has been developed as a public service sector platform dedicated to housing provident fund services and management, to furnish to all paying employees free access to the subscription for online delivery of information about housing provident fund payment, carry-over of interests, withdrawal, transfer, blocking, suspending payment, loan repayment and withdrawal thereof, featuring functions such as authentication of binding of an account to a mobile phone, an individual’s application for sms delivery service, a personal member’s user name and password retrieval, and multicast identity authentication. Among the housing provident fund paying employees of this Municipality, over 3.5 million local mobile phone users have signed up for the sms service free of charge via venues such as the website, the official WeChat Account, mobile sms, hotline 12329 and mobile app since its launch on 1 September 2014.

To expand coverage of users to include Shanghai housing provident fund paying employees with nonlocal mobile phone numbers, the 12329 SPF SMS has prepared auxiliary numbers (add prefix numbers), since the integrated national 12329 Short Code SMS Services are accessible exclusively to users with local mobile phone numbers. The auxiliary numbers will also be used for services involving items such as verification code, user name & password and provident fund account for timeliness of sms text messaging.

Employees with nonlocal mobile phone numbers may send the text message “provident fund account number#id. card number#A” to 1065751612329 (Mobile), or 1065502112329 (Unicom), or 1065902112329 (Telecom), or dial the hotline 12329 for sms subscription services.

Auxiliary Numbers

 SMS Venues

 Uses of SMS Venues

 Mobile 12329

·sending account information for local mobile phone numbers

 Unicom 12329

 Telecom 12329

 Mobile 1065751612329

·sending sms verification code, user name & password and account number to local and nonlocal mobile phone numbers

·sending account information to nonlocal mobile phone numbers

 Unicom 1065502112329

 Telecom 1065902112329